Are Bathroom Remodels Worth It?

Photo of a luxurious modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, marble countertops, gold fixtures, and a glass-walled walk-in shower. The ambiance shoulPhoto of a luxurious modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, marble countertops, gold fixtures, and a glass-walled walk-in shower.

Key Takeaways



Return on Investment

Bathroom remodels yield a good ROI, usually between 50-70%.

Home Value

A revamped bathroom can significantly raise your home’s resale value.


Modern features can dramatically upgrade functionality and aesthetics.


Costs can range from $15,000 to $50,000+, with an average around $30,000.


Typical remodels take 3 to 6 weeks.


A reputable contractor is key to a successful remodel.


Considering a bathroom remodel but stumped by the price tag? With costs spanning from $15,000 to $50,000+ and an average around $30,000, it’s a hefty decision. Let’s dissect whether it’s a worthy splurge.

ROI: Crunching Numbers

When we talk ROI, bathrooms are a solid bet, averaging between 50% to 70%. These figures may not trump a kitchen remodel, but they’re far from shabby.

Investment Type

Average ROI (%)

Kitchen Remodel


Bathroom Remodel


Basement Remodel


Home Value: Bathroom Remodels

Beyond numbers, an updated bathroom can be a game-changer when selling your home. Especially in high-stakes markets like Lees Summit or Kansas City.

Functionality & Aesthetics: Double Bonanza

Stuck in the ’90s? Elevate your space with current trends and tech. For inspirations, explore our guide to walk-in showers.

Budget Breakdown: Unraveling the Cost

The cost can be a maze. To make sense of it, take a look at the table below.

Cost Element

Cost Range ($)

What You Get



Skilled craftsmanship

Fixtures & Appliances


Top-of-the-line features

Tile & Flooring


Durability and style

Additional Features


Custom designs and extras

For a deeper dive into cost, peruse our detailed cost guide.

Time Factor: No Fast Track

Typical projects last between 3 to 6 weeks. For more, refer to our timeline guide.

Must-Haves: The Dream List

What features can make your bathroom a paradise?

  • Spa-like Showers

  • Heated Towel Racks

  • Freestanding Tubs

  • Smart Storage Solutions

Get more ideas from our essential remodel ideas post.

Contractor Selection: Make or Break

A poor choice in contractors can ruin your remodel. For tips on choosing the right one, read our contractor guide.

Hidden Costs: The Fine Print

Unseen costs like permits and surprise repairs can escalate your budget. Keep a buffer.

Final Verdict

So, are bathroom remodels worth the $15,000 to $50,000+ investment? With high ROI, added home value, and lifestyle upgrades, the answer leans towards yes. However, the key lies in effective planning and selecting the right bathroom remodeling contractor.

There you have it—a thorough guide to help you decide whether to dive into that bathroom remodel. Decision-making, made easier!