Design-Build Remodeling

Experiment with worry-free remodeling done for you from start to finish in Lee’s Summit, Greenwood, Raymore, and more of Jackson County, MO.

Spacious basement boasting a modern kitchen setup against pristine white walls. The expansive area offers ample room for culinary adventures and entertaining guests. The clean white walls enhance the sense of openness and brightness, creating a welcoming atmosphere for gatherings and relaxation in this versatile living space.
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Tranquil bedroom featuring a wooden bed and flooring, complemented by one accent wall in dark gray and the remaining walls in crisp white. The striking contrast adds depth and character to the space. A black door leads to an outdoor balcony, offering a refreshing escape and a glimpse of the outside world. The room's harmonious blend of natural elements and contemporary design invites serenity and relaxation, making it a cozy sanctuary within the home

Enjoy A Cohesive Remodel Without Coordinating Multiple Contractors

The remodeling process usually requires hiring a designer, an architect, and a contractor, leaving you to juggle phone calls and meet up with people coming in and out of your home.

At Rise Up Renovations, we believe in efficiency and smooth remodeling, so we’ve set up a complete design-build process to give you back your time otherwise spent supervising people.

From design to completion, we’re one team of hardworking people who value your input and give you the satisfaction of a job well done without turning you into a foreman.

Single Point of Contact

Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated liaison, simplifying communication and ensuring your vision is understood and executed seamlessly.

Centralized Responsibility

We’re accountable for the things that happen with the project, so you don’t have to chase around multiple contractors to handle the situation.

Cost Savings

Maximize your budget with our integrated approach, eliminating the need for multiple contractors and optimizing resources for an efficient remodel.

Accurate Project Deadlines

With Rise Up Renovations as your single point of contact, you will have a more accurate project completion deadline without asking left and right how long it takes.

Improved Communication

We offer a collaborative environment with enhanced communication channels, ensuring your preferences and feedback are consistently valued and integrated.

Transparent Quote

Gain confidence in your investment with a transparent quote, empowering you to make informed decisions throughout the remodeling process.


Nic did a full remodel of our master bedroom, bathroom and closet and finished within budget. He absolutely crushed it.

– Good communicator: texts regularly and is upfront about updates, issues, asks questions versus making assumptions, etc.
– Stays on budget
– Punctual, keeps a regular schedule
– Keeps the house clean during project
– Super trustworthy, only works with subs that he knows and trusts
– Good eye for details and doesn’t get defensive when something needs addressing
– High quality work and high standards

Nik Lewer

Live In A House That Matches Your Routine

Answering Common Design-Build Questions

Design costs vary from one project to another, but it’s often in the ballpark of $1,500 to $2,500. You only have to pay half of the amount as a deposit, and the other half when you receive your permit-ready plans.

We have a talented designer who completely maps out the space, with all the details ready to submit this plan for permitting. When you move forward, our designers can help with selections and materials for an extra cost.

We’re more than happy to work with your design. We can also help with permit navigation if the plans are solid and have everything needed to be accepted by the city.

Yes, we process change orders through JobTread and deal with them immediately. All we need is your signature to start the change order. It’s as simple as that.

Once you pay for the design, it’s completely yours to keep and use however you want. 

Even if you don’t move forward with us for the construction phase, you will still have a great design that comes with all the details needed to submit the plan for permitting. 

Absolutely, we value your input throughout the design process. After our initial meet and measure session, we’ll present you with 2-3 floor plans and elevations, seeking your feedback to refine the final draft. 

Your vision is crucial, and adjustments can be made during this collaborative phase before moving forward.

All of our designs are done in 2D, in AutoCAD. These designs are complete will all the details require to move the project forth, including the elevations of your space.

Pricing Guidelines For Kitchen Remodeling In Missouri

Kitchen Remodel in Brookside, Kansas City

This 170 ft² kitchen included:

This project came in at a cost of $19,000 where the kitchen countertops cost $3,500.

Kitchen Remodel in Greenwood, MO

This 200 ft² kitchen included:

This project was completed at a total cost of $28,000, including $7,500 for cabinet modifications.

Experience the newly remodeled kitchen with dark wooden flooring and pristine white cabinets, offering a striking visual contrast. The sleek black fridge and countertops add a modern touch, elevating the space's contemporary allure. Through the combination of dark and light elements, a sophisticated aesthetic emerges, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality in this stylish and functional kitchen

Kitchen Remodel in Adrian, MO

This 160 ft² kitchen included:

This project was completed with a total cost of $20,500, of which $5,500 was allocated for cabinet painting.

Finance Your Kitchen Remodel With No Payments For A Year

We’ve partnered with Upgrade to offer you a lifetime: zero interest and no payments for an entire year. Gain control over your finances and have the kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming. Learn more here.

A Design-Build Process That Doesn’t Pause Your Life

As remodeling experts, we know exactly what we have to do and can keep you in the loop without wasting your free time.



Plan your space with our designer’s help and see everything your home can become.



Resume your life as our expert installers build your dream space down to the final details you want.



Enjoy a home that matches your needs, lifestyle, and daily routine – all backed by a 5-year warranty.

Why Your Neighbors Love Our Work

You’ve Found The Local Expert Remodeler That Your Neighbors Love

15 years of industry expertise, combined with a love for remodeling, have taught us how to care for our customers and bring a higher standard of service to Missouri.


Shaun Hoover


Amazing experience with Nic and his cabinet guy! They both did a great job with our downstairs dry bar build!

Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for quality work.


Tiffani Collins


Nic was amazing. He came in under budget and hit the proposed timeline almost to the exact day.

This was a very positive experience.

I would highly recommend him and consider him for additional home renovations.


Rebecca Baskins


Remodeled my bathroom. So helpful, makes the process easy and takes care of everything. 

So pleased with the results.

Meet The Passionate Remodeling Contractor That Personalizes Your Home

We’re excited to be your partners on a fruitful remodeling journey.

You’ve Found A Professional That Checks Off The Right Boxes

With 15+ years of industry knowledge, we bring you the best construction materials and a crew committed to delivering a remodel beyond your expectations.

Have your remodeling needs met, whether you already know what your space should look like or want expert suggestions from a certified designer.

Be involved in the remodel or go on vacation until the work is complete. We’ll keep you in the loop via JobTread with progress pictures, daily logs, schedules, and more!

Win The Remodeling Game With Our Efficient, Collaborative Design-Build Service

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