Basement Remodeling

Gain extra usable home space with a basement remodel in Lee’s Summit, Greenwood, Raymore, and more of Jackson County, MO.

Basement featuring refreshing blue walls, creating a vibrant and inviting ambiance. The cool hue complements the space, offering a soothing environment ideal for relaxation or gatherings. With its comfortable atmosphere and stylish appeal, the basement invites inhabitants to unwind and enjoy moments of leisure in this vibrant setting.

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"Basement revealing an expansive open space with visible stairs leading upward and a bathroom tucked in the back. Versatile layout with minimalist design elements. Ample room for various configurations, offering flexibility and functionality.

Put Your Basement To Good Use And Gain An Extra Room

The cost of a new home in Lee’s Summit starts at $300k, an investment that’s difficult to tackle in this economy. 

What if you could gain extra living space at home at only a fraction of the cost? We can turn damp and dusty basements into a second house closer to home with a basement remodel.

Share your vision and let us know what your home is missing. We can build extra bedrooms with included facilities, a gaming room or entertainment area, or even a home gym or an office. 

You can enjoy your basement’s untapped potential to the fullest with a reliable contractor that designs and builds spaces from start to finish.

Have any room you want with services such as:

Have The Extra Space You’ve Always Wanted With A Basement Remodel

Basement Remodeling FAQs

On average, expect to spend around $50k to $80k on your basement remodel. 

However, the actual number is completely dependent on square footage, complexity, and quality of finishes.

Yes, our work is backed by a 5-year warranty. You’ll also get the materials warranty on everything we install, and all necessary labor and material replacements are on us during this warranty period. Please keep in mind that this warranty does not include damages resulting from misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, or acts of God. Work that’s not performed by Rise Up Renovation or under our supervision is not included in the warranty either.

There are many things we can accomplish as part of your basement remodel. We can completely change the layout of the space and add extra rooms or make smaller rooms bigger. You can trust us for any construction work, from drywall finishing to installing a new HVAC system.

If you want a modern basement, our designer can walk you through some of the trending material and finish choices. We’ll cover everything from installing new doors and windows to painting the walls in your color of choice.

The timeframe for a basement remodel depends on the current condition of the basement, the layout changes you want, and the size of the basement. 

A smaller basement remodel can be completed in 3 weeks, while larger projects can take up to 2 months.

We are licensed in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas, and our license number is #LC23220720. Aside from that, we are also Class C Certified and have EPA Certifications as well.

Basement finishing can yield a return on investment of up to 86%. It boosts your home’s resale value, but it also helps you put unused spaces to good use. 

You could have new bedrooms and extended living areas or simply add the room your home’s been missing, be it a home gym or a playroom for the kids.

Pricing Guidelines For Basement Remodeling In Missouri

Basement with cream beige carpeting and white-gray walls, offering a spacious and inviting ambiance. Versatile space ready for customization, ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Expansive layout allows for personalized design and versatile use.

Basement Remodel In Lee’s Summit, MO

A basement remodel like this can include:

This basement remodel would go towards $63k, where the new bathroom would be the most expensive item, at around $21k.

Basement featuring a stylish white-gray sofa, juxtaposed against a gray wooden floor and a patterned carpet. The walls are adorned in elegant white tones, accentuated by spotlights that illuminate the space. This combination of contemporary elements and subtle patterns creates a sophisticated and inviting ambiance, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests in style

Basement Finishing In Greenwood, MO

A smaller basement remodel like this can include:

This basement remodel would be around $39k, with the new electrical and plumbing system being the most expensive item, at around $15,500.

Basement Remodel And Insulation In Kansas City, MO

A more comprehensive basement project like this can include:

A complete basement remodel would go upwards of $76k, where the most expensive item would be the new bathroom, at around $26k.

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