Types Of Bathtub Drains In Lee’s Summit

Clean bathroom interior with decorative objects.

Types Of Bathtub Drains In Lee’s Summit Are you tired of dealing with clogged bathtub drains? Have you ever struggled to find the right type of bathtub drain stopper for your bathroom? If so, you’re not alone.  In fact, did you know that there are several types of bathtub drain stoppers available on the market […]

Single Sink Vs Double Sink In Lee’s Summit

Single stainless sink on wood countertop

Single Sink Vs Double Sink In Lee’s Summit Are you struggling to choose between a single or double sink for your kitchen in Lee’s Summit? Did you know that the choice of sink can impact your kitchen functionality and space utilization drastically? In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of both […]

Types Of Shower Drains In Lee’s Summit

various types of shower drainage illustration

Choosing the best shower drain can be a surprisingly tricky part of your bathroom renovation. In Lee’s Summit, homeowners have several types to consider for efficient water management. This article will explore different shower drains, guiding you to find one that fits your style and meets the needs of your bathroom floor.  Read on to […]

Beat the Chill: Top 10 Tips for Winterizing Your Home Like a Pro!

A winter home surrounded by snow with icicles frozen to the gutters

Key Takeaways What You’ll Learn Why It’s Important Insulation Tips Keep your home warm and reduce heating costs. Plumbing Measures Avoid frozen and burst pipes. Heating System Ensure your heating is efficient and safe. Windows & Doors Prevent drafts and heat loss. Emergency Kit Be prepared for unexpected winter storms. Introduction: Tips for Winterizing Your […]

How to Plan a Successful Remodel

Man and woman in their kitchen remodel looking at blueprints.

Key Takeaways   Questions Answered Takeaway Why plan a remodel? Planning eliminates costly mistakes and ensures you get the best ROI. What steps should I follow? ​Assess needs, set budget, hire professionals, design, get permits, and execute. What mistakes should I avoid? ​Lack of planning, choosing the wrong contractor, and not setting aside contingency funds. […]

Exploring the Elegance and Functionality of Zero Entry Showers

Elegant zero entry shower using modern design elements.

Key Takeaways Aspect Detail Definition A zero entry shower, also known as a curbless or walk-in shower, features no barriers for entry. Benefits Offers easy cleaning, accessibility, fits various spaces, and adds a luxurious look to bathrooms. Considerations Ideal for seniors, people with mobility issues, and adds value to homes. Design Flexibility Can be tailored […]

Case Study: How I Found the Best Remodeling Contractors Near Me

A man at his computer doing a Google search for the term "best remodeling contractors near me".

Key Takeaways Table Questions Answered Information Provided How do I find the best remodeling contractors near me? Step-by-step guide on the selection process What should I consider in my search? Factors like reputation, portfolio, and price What are some red flags to avoid? Warning signs such as poor communication and hidden fees How do I […]

What Not to Do in a Kitchen Remodel: Dodging Disaster

A kitchen in mid-remodel with tools scattered around, unfinished countertop, and unassembled cabinet doors.

Quick Hits Topics Summary Planning Don’t skip the blueprint stage. Budget Avoid unnecessary splurges. DIY Know when to call the pros. Function Make it practical, not just pretty. Material Quality over quantity; don’t skimp. Intro: What Not to Do in a Kitchen Remodel – Red Flags Ahead! You’re eyeing that gleaming, magazine-ready kitchen. But before […]

Why a Licensed General Contractor is Your Remodeling Game Changer!

Man and woman standing confidently in a kitchen with a sign "Licensed Professionals At Work".

Key Takeaway Topic Insight Credibility Licensed contractors meet industry standards and regulations. Quality Expect higher workmanship and attention to detail. Insurance & Warranties Protection against liabilities and poor craftsmanship. Cost-Effectiveness Often save you money in the long run. Comprehensive Services One-stop solution for complex projects. Peace of Mind Eliminates worries about scams or unfinished work. […]

The Pricey Puzzle: Decoding the Current Cost of Home Renovations

A graph in the form of puzzle pieces showing a rising trend.

Key Takeaways Questions Answers Why is remodeling expensive now? Supply chain issues, labor costs, and high demand are primary factors. Is it worth remodeling now? Depending on the project and your long-term goals, it can be. More on are bathroom remodels worth it. How can you save money? Detailed planning, choosing the right contractor, and […]