Unveiling Expert Strategies for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Key Takeaways




What’s this article about?

Expert strategies for remodeling small bathrooms.

Best approach for small spaces?

Functional layouts and smart storage solutions.

Ideal color scheme?

Light colors to make the space feel larger.

Any tips for maximizing function?

Vertical storage and multi-use fixtures.

What’s the average cost?

Image of a compact bathroom featuring a small, streamlined sink, over-toilet storage cabinet, a shower enclosure with clear glass door, and durable luxury vinyl plank flooring. The space-saving design optimizes the narrow layout.

Introduction to Small Bathroom Remodeling

 Small doesn’t mean confined. It’s time to say goodbye to that cramped bathroom and hello to something fabulous. Ready to transform your mini oasis? We’ve got you covered with small bathroom remodel solutions from Rise Up Renovations. 

Start with a Functional Layout 


A great remodel starts with a killer layout. For small bathrooms, functionality is key. 


Tips for a Functional Small Bathroom Layout:

  • Corner Sink: Saves space.

  • Sliding Doors: No need for clearance.

  • Floating Vanities: Adds floor space.


Color Me Beautiful: Choosing the Right Palette 


Light and neutral colors make a small space feel larger. Your bathroom is no exception.


Popular Color Choices:

  1. Off-white

  2. Light grey

  3. Pastel shades


See color in action in our projects gallery. 


Smart Storage Solutions: Declutter Like a Pro


Cramped spaces breed clutter. To remedy this, think vertically! Add shelves above the toilet, or use over-the-door hangers.


Storage Must-Haves:

  • Pullout drawers

  • Built-in shelves

  • Medicine cabinet


Maximize functionality with these kitchen tips, which can be adapted for bathrooms too!


Fixtures: Double-Duty and Space-Savers


Multi-use fixtures can be game-changers. Consider a sink with built-in storage or a toilet with a bidet function. 


Fixture Ideas




Shower Shelf

Stores shower essentials

Vanity Mirror

Includes lighting

Combo Units

Toilet and sink in one


The Illusion of Space: Mirrors and Lighting


Large mirrors give the illusion of space. Pair them with strategic lighting to expand your bathroom’s appearance.


Quick Tips

  • Daylight LEDs: Mimic natural light.

  • Wall Sconces: Illuminate without clutter.

  • Ceiling Lights: For overall brightness.


For more ideas, check out our comprehensive guide to walk-in shower remodeling.


Budgeting: What to Expect


Budgeting is vital. Don’t compromise quality for cost; plan wisely.


Average Costs



Average Cost

New Sink

$100 – $500


$200 – $1,000

Total Remodel

$10,000 – $20,000


To get a better understanding of average costs, head over to our cost guide.


Choosing the Right Contractor 


Finding the right contractor can make or break your remodel. Ask questions. Check references. For Kansas City and Lees Summit locals, find a trusted remodeling contractor here. 


For questions to ask potential contractors, read this post. 




Ready to tackle that small bathroom remodel? With the right strategies, you can maximize space without sacrificing style. Start planning your dream bathroom today! For more inspiration and advice, contact Rise Up Renovations. 


Happy remodeling!