Types Of Bathtub Drains In Lee's Summit

Are you tired of dealing with clogged bathtub drains? Have you ever struggled to find the right type of bathtub drain stopper for your bathroom? If so, you’re not alone. 

In fact, did you know that there are several types of bathtub drain stoppers available on the market today? 

In this article, we will explore different types of bathtub drains and how to choose the right one for your needs. Stick around as we dive into the world of bathtub drains!

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Explanation of Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains are essential for any bathroom setup. They help control the water flow in and out of your bathtub, making sure you get a relaxing soak without worrying about overflow.

Each drain comes with a stopper that fits snugly into the drain opening to keep water in or let it out when you’re done. You’ll find these stoppers connected to various parts like the overflow plate, trip lever, or directly to the drain pipe itself.

Choosing the right type of bathtub drain for your home involves knowing about different kinds of stoppers and how they operate. For example, some use a simple lift-and-turn mechanism while others might require pushing or pulling a toggle lever attached somewhere on the tub.

This choice affects how easily you can manage water flow during baths and contributes to maintaining clean lines around your tub area.

Types Of Bathtub Drains In Lee's Summit

Types of Bathtub Drain Stoppers

Discover the various types of bathtub drain stoppers, each with its unique mechanism and design. From lift-and-turn to push-and-pull, explore the diverse options available for your bathtub drains.


Lift-and-turn stoppers are simple but effective for your bathtub. You close and open the drain by lifting and turning the knob on top. This action locks or unlocks the stopper, creating a watertight seal or allowing water to flow out.

These stoppers work well if you prefer a straightforward mechanism without needing substantial plumbing work.

They fit most bathtubs and require minimal effort to operate. Cleaning them is easy since you just unscrew the top knob, lift out the stopper, and clear any debris. 

Installing a lift-and-turn drain requires basic plumbing skills and few tools, making it a good choice for DIY enthusiasts looking to update their bathroom drain stopper without much hassle.


Push-and-pull stoppers are easy to use. You close and open them by pushing or pulling the knob on the top. Many people like this type for its simplicity. The mechanism inside moves up and down when you push or pull.

This action either seals or opens the drain, controlling water flow in your bathtub.
These stoppers fit well in modern bathtubs and require no special tools for installation.

Cleaning them is straightforward, as you can just twist off the knob and access any trapped hair or debris.

For homeowners looking for a hassle-free option that combines efficiency with ease of maintenance, push-and-pull models are an excellent choice.


A toe-touch drain stopper is simple to use. You press it with your toe to close and open the drain. This type of stopper has a spring mechanism inside. When you push down on the cap, it locks and seals the drain.

A second push releases it, allowing water to flow away.

Many homeowners find the toe-touch convenient for daily baths or showers. It does not require bending over, making it a good choice for anyone with limited mobility. The design includes a built-in strainer to catch hair, preventing clogs in your bathtub’s plumbing.


The Flip-It drain stopper is a convenient and straightforward design. With just a simple flip, you can open or close the drain without any complicated mechanisms. This user-friendly option is hassle-free to operate and provides effective drainage control in your bathtub.

To maintain this type of drain stopper, regularly check for any debris or hair that might be caught in the mechanism. A quick clean with a brush will help ensure smooth flipping action every time.

When considering options for your bathtub, remember the Flip-It offers ease of use and maintenance along with reliable functionality.

Trip Lever

The trip lever drain stopper is a common type found in many older homes. The mechanism consists of a long connecting rod linkage and an overflow tube. When the lever on the overflow plate is lifted or lowered, it moves the connecting rod in the opposite direction, either opening or closing the drain.

This design allows for easy operation without having to reach into the water, making it convenient for those with mobility issues. Regular maintenance involves cleaning out any debris that may accumulate around the connecting rod and ensuring that it moves freely.

For homeowners considering a bathtub upgrade, understanding different types of drain stoppers like trip lever can provide valuable insight into their options and help make informed decisions about bathroom fixtures and maintenance.


Let’s move from the trip lever to the pop-up bathtub drain stopper. The pop-up stopper is a common choice for many homeowners. It features a visible stopper that can be easily pushed down or pulled up using a small knob, allowing you to open and close the drain as needed.

This type of drain stopper is spring-loaded and designed to keep water in the tub until you release it by lifting the knob again.

When selecting a new bathtub drain stopper, consider if a pop-up design fits your needs.


When it comes to bathtub drain stoppers, the “removable” type offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance. These stoppers can be lifted out of the drain, allowing you to easily remove any hair or debris that has accumulated.

Simply lift the stopper out, clean it thoroughly with a mild cleaner, and then place it back in the drain. This ensures your bathtub drain remains free-flowing and prevents any clogs from developing over time.

If you’re seeking more than just a strainer for your bathtub, consider a removable drain stopper as an effective solution. By removing the stopper periodically for cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure optimal drainage while preventing potential plumbing issues down the line.

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Choosing the Right Bathtub Drain Stopper

Consider factors like the size and type of your bathtub when choosing a drain stopper. Measure carefully to ensure a perfect fit for your new stopper.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a bathtub drain stopper, consider the type of drain you have, such as lift-and-turn or pop-up, to ensure compatibility. The material of the stopper is vital for longevity; look for durable materials like stainless steel or brass.

Additionally, consider ease of cleaning and maintenance as some designs may collect hair and debris more than others. Furthermore, measure your current drain size accurately before purchasing a new stopper to ensure a proper fit and functionality in your bathtub.

Avoiding ill-fitting stoppers will save you from potential issues down the line.

How to Measure for a New Stopper

When choosing a new bathtub drain stopper, it’s essential to measure the diameter of your existing drain opening. Use a measuring tape and note down the measurement in both inches and millimeters.

Ensure that the stopper you select matches these dimensions for a proper fit. Taking these measurements will help you find the right replacement without any hassle or guesswork involved, ensuring a quick and effective solution to your bathtub drainage needs.

How to Clean and Maintain Bathtub Drain Stoppers

To keep your bathtub drain stoppers in good condition, regularly remove any hair or debris by pulling it out with your fingers or using a pair of tweezers. For metal stoppers, use a solution of equal parts baking soda and vinegar to clean off any grime and buildup.

Ensure that the stopper functions smoothly by checking for any loose parts or corrosion and tightening or replacing them as necessary. Consider using a drain strainer to prevent larger debris from clogging the drain, ensuring smooth water flow.

Maintain bathtub drain stoppers through regular cleaning and inspection, preventing clogs and keeping your bath functional. Regularly removing hair and debris is important while also considering adding a drain strainer for smoother water flow without blockage from larger particles.

Additionally, check for loose parts or corrosion on metal stoppers – tighten or replace them if needed to ensure smooth operation.

Top Bathtub Drain Stopper Manufacturers

Identify leading manufacturers to ensure quality, durability, and efficiency in your bathroom’s plumbing accessories.

  • Kohler: Renowned for reliability, Kohler offers a range of high-quality bathtub drain stoppers known for their durability.

  • Delta: Delta is celebrated for innovative designs that blend functionality with sophistication in their drain solutions.

  • Moen: Moen's products are synonymous with excellence, offering user-friendly stopper designs that ensure long-term performance.

  • American Standard: Focused on creating products that stand the test of time, their stoppers are both durable and effective.
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In Lee’s Summit, you can find various bathtub drain types like pop up stoppers, trip lever stoppers, push and pull drains, lift and turn drains, flip it drain stoppers, and toe touch drain stoppers.
A pop-up drain stopper works by using a visible pop-up mechanism that allows water to flow out when open and keeps water in the tub when closed.
A trip lever stopper has a lever on the overflow plate at the front of the tub. When you move this lever up or down, it opens or closes the tub’s drain through a linkage running through the overflow pipe.
Yes! You can replace your existing bathtub drain with a toe touch type if your current setup supports this kind of fitting. It operates simply by pushing it down with your toe to open or close.
Lift and turn drains have a simple operation where you lift and look for a small set screw underneath; twist it to lock or unlock for draining or filling up your tub.
Yes! Some models like flip-it stops have built-in strainers designed to catch hair or other debris from going down into more substantial plumbing work beneath your bath.

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