Types Of Shower Drains In Lee’s Summit

Choosing the best shower drain can be a surprisingly tricky part of your bathroom renovation. In Lee’s Summit, homeowners have several types to consider for efficient water management.

This article will explore different shower drains, guiding you to find one that fits your style and meets the needs of your bathroom floor. 

Read on to make splash-free decisions!

Key Takeaways

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Types of Shower Drains

Point drains, linear drains, center drains, and corner drains are the main types of shower drains that homeowners can choose from. Each type offers different benefits and aesthetics to suit various shower designs and preferences.

Point drains

Point drains are common in many showers. They usually sit right in the center of the shower floor. This type of drain works well with lots of different tile sizes. With point drains, your shower floor needs to slope down from all sides towards the drain.

It’s a classic design that fits well with various styles and is easy for plumbers to install.

These drains require regular cleaning to keep water flowing smoothly. You can find point drains in shapes like circles or squares, which means they can look good with any bathroom decor you choose.

When picking a point drain, make sure it matches up with your plumbing system and the tiles on your shower floor for best results.

shower drain type point drainage

Linear drains

Linear drains are modern and stylish. They run along one wall of the shower area, creating a sleek look. These drains let water flow away quickly across the entire shower floor. You won’t see water pooling because they manage water very well.

Homeowners love them for their clean lines that add to bathroom aesthetics.

Installing a linear shower drain needs precise work by a professional plumber. The floor tiles need an even slope toward the drain to keep your floor dry and safe. 

These drains can match with large flat tile or small tiles, giving you lots of design options.

Choose from different styles like tiled grate or invisible drain to make your shower project stand out.

linear type of drainage for shower

Center drains

Center drains are the classic option in many homes. They sit right in the middle of your shower floor and work best with a four-way pitch, which means the floor must slope down from all sides towards the drain.

This setup ensures that water flows directly to the drain pipe without seeping beneath tiles. Many centre drains come in round or square shapes, letting you match them with your bathroom design.

Choosing a tileable grate for your centre drain can add modern elegance to your shower room. The grate area blends with the same tiles as the rest of your shower, making it virtually invisible.

This sleek look appeals to homeowners who prefer clean lines and an uncluttered aesthetic for their contemporary bathroom designs. Proper installation is crucial for these types of drains to ensure efficient water drainage and to prevent water wastage.

centre type of shower drainage

Corner drains

Corner drains are a practical option for showers set in the corner of the bathroom. They effectively collect water and prevent pooling while complementing the overall aesthetics of your shower space.

With their precise installation, they ensure proper drainage without compromising on style, making them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance both functionality and design in their bathrooms.

For those considering different shower drain types, exploring corner drains is essential for achieving a balanced and efficient drainage system that complements your overall bathroom aesthetics.

Choosing the Right Shower Drain

Consider the shape and size of your shower, decide on a point drain or linear drain, and check for compatibility with your shower tiles to ensure you choose the right shower drain.

Find out more about these factors and how to make the best choice for your bathroom.

Consider the shape and size of your shower

When choosing a shower drain, take into account the shape and size of your shower. Ensure that the drain you select fits well within the dimensions of your shower area. The right size and shape will ensure efficient drainage without compromising on design or functionality.

Think about how the water will flow and where it needs to drain in relation to your shower’s layout and size. It’s vital to consider these aspects before making a decision about which type of shower drain is best suited for your bathroom space.

Decide on a point drain or linear drain

When choosing between a point drain or linear drain, consider the shape and size of your shower. Ensure that the selected option fits well with your shower layout and allows for efficient drainage.

Check for compatibility with your shower tiles to ensure a seamless installation process, avoiding any issues in the future.

Consider opting for a linear drain if you have large format tiles or wish to create a modern look, while a point drain may be suitable for smaller showers. Evaluate which option best suits your needs and preferences before proceeding with the installation of your new shower drain.

Check for compatibility with your shower tiles

Ensure your chosen shower drain is compatible with the type and size of tiles in your shower. Consider whether the drain can accommodate various tile sizes, including square or large-format tiles, for a seamless and visually appealing installation.

Verify that the drain’s design complements your tile layout to achieve a cohesive and stylish look in your bathroom.

Buying From The Best Brands

Top-tier shower drain manufacturers distinguish themselves with superior quality, innovative designs, and reliable durability. Expert craftsmanship ensures that their products meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.


Renowned for their longevity and sleek designs, Kohler’s drains integrate seamlessly into modern bathrooms, offering a blend of tradition and innovation.

Schluter Systems

Schluter Systems specializes in advanced drainage technology, providing easy-to-install solutions that ensure efficient water management and protection.


Oatey excels in producing a wide range of durable and versatile shower drains, catering to various styles and plumbing requirements.


With a focus on design flexibility, Wedi’s quality-engineered drains are celebrated for their compatibility with various tile sizes and innovative waterproofing.


LUXE stands out for manufacturing aesthetically pleasing linear drains that elevate the shower’s overall design while maintaining optimal functionality.


In Lee’s Summit, you can find modern shower drains like linear and point drains, as well as channel and tile-in options.

Linear shower drains have a long, rectangular shape that allows water to flow evenly into a channel drain running beneath the floor.

Yes, square drains are popular for their modern look and fit well with square tiles in your bathroom.

Point shower drains collect water at one spot under the shower head while linear ones capture water across an entire length of the drain for more even drainage.

Not all drain styles will suit every bathroom; choose a drain that works with your specific design and ensures proper slope for water flow.

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