The Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Remodeling in Lee’s Summit

Key Takeaways



Key Points

Understanding Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling steps, benefits like home value, and energy efficiency

Navigating Lee’s Summit Regulations

Local and International codes, permit requirements

Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Factors affecting cost, estimated range

Popular Design Trends

Trends like vertical subway tiles, tips for choosing the right design

Choosing the Right Contractor

Licensing, experience, why choose Rise Up Renovations

Lee's Summit master bathroom remodel featuring a freestanding tub, tile shower with glass shower door and tile accent wall, LVP flooring, custom walnut vanity and updated brushed nickel fixtures.


Hey, Lee’s Summit Dwellers! 

Ready to give your bathroom a major glow-up? You’re in the right place! This guide is your ultimate roadmap to a smooth and enjoyable bathroom remodeling journey. From figuring out your design choices to picking the right contractor, Rise Up Renovations has got you covered! 

 I. Understanding Bathroom Remodeling 

What a Bathroom Remodel Involves 

Design and Planning: Pick Your Style!


Before you swing that hammer, know what you want. Are you going for modern luxury or rustic charm? Make a mood board, sketch ideas, and pick your color palette. 

Demolition: Out With the Old! 

Time to tear down that aging wallpaper and remove those outdated fixtures. Clear out the space but proceed with caution; you don’t want to damage any plumbing or electrical wires. 

Plumbing and Electrical: Lay the Groundwork 

Install new pipes and wiring, if needed. Make sure everything’s up to code and optimized for your new bathroom layout. 

Installation: In Comes the New! 

All that planning pays off here. Install the shower, lay down tiles, and get that vanity in place. 

Finishing Touches: Final Flourishes 

Add the last details—lights, mirrors, maybe a plant or two. Time to make it shine! 

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel



Why It Matters

Increased Home Value

A modern bathroom can boost your home’s market value.

Improved Functionality

Better space utilization for your daily routine.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-saving fixtures lower your utility bills.

Modern Aesthetics

Your bathroom should be a treat to the eyes.


Features like slip-resistant flooring can prevent accidents.

Personal Spa

Add luxury touches for your own in-home retreat.


Ready to get more granular? For a deep dive into one of the key aspects of bathroom remodeling, check out our comprehensive guide to walk-in shower remodeling. 

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And there you have it! The first leg of our comprehensive guide to bathroom remodeling in Lee’s Summit. Stay tuned for the next sections where we get into the nitty-gritty of local regulations, costs, design trends, and how to pick the best contractor for your project. Rise Up, Lee’s Summit!

Navigating Regulations: Bathroom Remodeling in Lee’s Summit

Building Codes and Permits 

Local Building Codes: Know Your City’s Guidelines 

Lee’s Summit has its own set of building codes that you need to follow for any remodeling. Make sure your new bathroom is not just stylish but also legal! 

International Building Code: The Baseline 

On top of local codes, you’ll also need to consider international standards. The International Building Code serves as a baseline that ensures your bathroom is built to a certain safety and quality standard. 

International Plumbing Code: For All Things Water 

Water is the heart of any bathroom. International Plumbing Code ensures all your plumbing—faucets, showers, toilets—meet international safety standards. 

Permits Required: Paperwork, Paperwork 

Can’t escape the bureaucracy. Before you begin remodeling, you’ll need to secure a number of permits. Think building, plumbing, and electrical permits to cover all your bases.

 Following Lee’s Summit Regulations is a Breeze

Navigating building codes and permits can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Get the local expertise you need by leveraging our remodeling contractor in Lee’s Summit, MO services. 

Type of Code or Permit

Why It’s Important

Local Building Codes

Ensures you’re in line with Lee’s Summit standards.

International Building Code

Baseline for safety and quality.

International Plumbing Code

Make your water features safe and efficient.

Permits Required

Legally required to start the project.

 Armed with this knowledge, you can dive into your remodeling project with full confidence that you’re meeting all of Lee’s Summit’s building codes and regulations. No nasty surprises here, only a brand new, fully compliant bathroom! Stay tuned for our next section on costs—no hidden fees, we promise! Rise Up, Lee’s Summit!
 III. Cost of Bathroom Remodeling 
Factors Affecting Cost

Scope of Remodel: Partial or Full?

 Are we talking a new sink and tiles, or a full gut renovation? The scope will seriously affect your final bill. 

Materials and Fixtures: Granite or Laminate? 

Luxury materials cost more. Period. Choose wisely based on your budget and style. 

Labor: You Get What You Pay For 

Skilled labor isn’t cheap, but a well-done job lasts longer and looks better. 

Size of Bathroom: Bigger = Pricier 

More square footage? Expect a bigger bill. Simple math. 

Unexpected Repairs: Hidden Gotchas 

Old plumbing? Rotten floorboards? These surprises can add to the cost. 

Estimated Cost Range 

Type of Bathroom

Starting Cost (Full Renovation)

Hall Bathroom


Master Bathroom



Curious how these numbers add up? Dive into our comprehensive guide on bathroom remodel costs for a detailed budget breakdown. 

Thinking of expanding your remodeling project to the kitchen? Get the financial scoop here. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Scope: Know what you’re getting into. More work = more money.

  • Materials: Your choice impacts your wallet.

  • Labor: Don’t cut corners. Quality matters.

  • Size: More space to remodel means more to spend.

  • Unexpected Repairs: Budget for surprises, because they will happen.


So, how much will your dream bathroom set you back? Now you have a better idea. Next up, we’ll cover popular design trends to make that bathroom truly Instagram-worthy! Rise Up, Lee’s Summit!

IV. Popular Design Trends

Current Trends 

Vertical Subway Tile: Tall and Sleek 

Switch up classic subway tiles by arranging them vertically. It elongates the room and adds a modern twist. 

Organic Modern: Nature Meets Tech 

Think wooden accents with smart home features. A zen bathroom that listens to your voice commands? Yes, please! 

Separate Tub and Shower: Because You Can 

Why choose when you can have both? A separate tub and shower offer the ultimate in luxury and functionality. 

Two Private Toilets: Ultimate Luxury 

For those who value privacy and have the space, two toilets in a master bathroom set a new standard in luxury. 

Twin Mirrors: Double the Fun 

Why settle for one when two can make a style statement? Twin mirrors are practical and chic. 

Choosing the Right Design

 Lifestyle: Busy Bee or Slow and Steady?

Your design should match your life. If you’re always on the go, maybe skip the freestanding bathtub. 

Long-term Appeal: Will It Age Well? 

Trends come and go. Choose a design that you won’t regret in a few years.


Personal Taste: You Do You 

Your bathroom should reflect your personality. If you love bold colors, go for it! 

Space and Functionality: Fit It All In 

You’ll need to balance your wishlist with the space you have. Plan carefully. 

Budget: Keep That Wallet Happy 

Remember, beautiful doesn’t have to mean expensive. Find the middle ground between luxe and budget-friendly. 

Hungry for More Design Ideas?

 For those straddling the line between kitchen and bathroom remodels, make sure you’re equally informed on all fronts. Explore our 10 essential kitchen remodel ideas. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Current Trends: Keep your bathroom fresh and modern.

  • Design Choices: Your bathroom should align with your lifestyle, taste, and long-term plans.

  • Budget: A beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. 

So, are you ready to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves? Up next, we guide you through the jungle of choosing the right contractor. Rise Up, Lee’s Summit! 

V. Choosing the Right Contractor 

What to Look For 

Licensing and Insurance: Non-negotiable 

If they’re not licensed and insured, it’s a hard pass. 

Experience: Years Matter 

In this game, experience isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must. 

References/Reviews: Word of Mouth 

Good reviews are worth their weight in gold. Ask around or scroll through some testimonials. 

Portfolio: See Their Work 

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Browse their past projects to see if their style matches yours. 

Communication: Clear as Crystal

 You want a contractor who listens and communicates clearly. This is a two-way relationship. 

Detailed Contract: Read the Fine Print 

Everything should be spelled out in a contract, from timeline to materials to costs. 

Warranty: Safety Net 

Make sure they offer a warranty. That’s your safety net if things go south. 

Why Choose Rise Up Renovations 


Experience and Expertise: We’ve Been Around 

We’ve got years under our belt, and it shows in our work. 

Customer Satisfaction: We Aim to Please 

Your happiness is our success. Our projects gallery is a testament to that. 

Transparency: No Hidden Gimmicks 

From costs to timelines, we keep you in the loop. 

Quality Materials: Only the Best


Top-notch materials for a top-notch bathroom. No compromises. Choosing quality materials is crucial, not just for aesthetics but also for durability, especially when winterizing your home. 

Custom Solutions: Tailor-Made for You 

Your needs, your choices. We offer solutions that are as unique as you are. 

Local Knowledge: We Know Lee’s Summit


From permits to local tastes, our Lee’s Summit remodeling services have you covered. 

Design Trends: Always Current 

Stay ahead of the curve with design trends that are fresh off the runway. 

Still wondering how to narrow down your options? Check our how to pick a contractor for your remodel guide. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Qualifications: Licensing, insurance, and experience are crucial.

  • Transparency: Look for clear communication and a detailed contract.

  • Why Rise Up: Local expertise, quality materials, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

 Choosing a contractor is as crucial as choosing your new bathtub or tiles. Make the right choice, and you’re halfway to your dream bathroom. Our next and final section wraps everything up and gets you ready for your renovation journey. Rise Up, Lee’s Summit!


You’ve journeyed through the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling, from initial design ideas to navigating Lee’s Summit’s codes and permits. Armed with all this knowledge, you’re more than ready to take the plunge into your dream remodel. 

Ready to Dive In? 

Your dream bathroom is just a click away. Contact us to get the ball rolling on your luxe, functional, and oh-so-you space. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Knowledge is Power: You’re now equipped with essential tips, from design choices to local regulations.

  • Choose Wisely: The right contractor makes all the difference. Rise Up Renovations is here to guide you.

  • Ready to Start: Your dream bathroom is just a consultation away. 

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to Bathroom Remodeling in Lee’s Summit. Keep your bathroom fresh, functional, and fabulous. Rise Up, Lee’s Summit!