How to Plan a Successful Remodel

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Why plan a remodel?

Planning eliminates costly mistakes and ensures you get the best ROI.

What steps should I follow?

​Assess needs, set budget, hire professionals, design, get permits, and execute.

What mistakes should I avoid?

​Lack of planning, choosing the wrong contractor, and not setting aside contingency funds.

Is a remodel worth it?

​When done correctly, yes. It increases property value and enhances lifestyle.

Man and woman in their kitchen remodel looking at blueprints.

Introduction: How to Plan a Successful Remodel

You’ve had that itch for a while—the cabinets are outdated, the bathroom tiles have seen better days, and your kitchen island? A relic from the past. Remodeling is the solution! But diving head-first into a remodel without a plan is like sailing without a compass. Let’s walk you through how to plan a successful remodel.

Why Plan?

  • Avoids Costly Mistakes: Planning is your safeguard against spiraling expenses.

  • Increases ROI: A well-executed remodel can boost your property’s value.

  • Ensures Satisfaction: Proper planning leads to an end result that matches your vision.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

Before you swing that hammer, take a step back. What are you aiming to achieve? More storage? A luxurious bathroom? Understanding your needs will help shape your remodel’s direction.

Needs Checklist

  • More Space

  • Modern Look

  • Enhanced Functionality

  • Increased Property Value

By addressing specific needs, you’ll narrow down what has to be done. Our how to plan a successful remodel guide has more tips on this.

Step 2: Set a Budget

No beating around the bush—a remodel costs money. How much? Well, it depends. Setting a budget gives you a financial framework to operate within.

Budget Table

Remodel Area

Average Cost


$25,000 – $45,000+


$15,000 – $40,000+

Want specifics? Check out our posts on average kitchen remodel costs and bathroom remodel expenses.

Step 3: Hire the Right People

Choosing a reputable contractor is crucial. They’re the captains of your remodeling ship. Consult our guide for selecting a contractor to navigate this step with ease.

Contractor Checklist

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Good Reviews

  • Portfolio that Speaks to You

  • Transparent Pricing

Step 4: Design and Planning

The fun part—design! This is where you pick colors, materials, and fixtures. Do you want a farmhouse kitchen or a contemporary one? Our projects gallery can give you some eye-candy and inspiration.

Design Tips

  • Mix and Match: Blend different materials and textures.

  • High-Low: Combine high-end pieces with budget-friendly options.

  • Test and Visualize: Use design software or samples.

Step 5: Secure Permits and Approvals

Trust us, the last thing you need is a run-in with the law. Your remodeling contractor in Lee’s Summit, MO or Kansas City, MO, should help you secure necessary permits.

Common Permits

  • Building

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

Step 6: Execution

This is it—the remodeling phase. But you’re not done planning. Stay in touch with your contractor, keep an eye on the budget, and prepare for contingencies.

Remodel Timeline

  1. Demolition

  2. Structural Build

  3. Installations

  4. Finishing Touches

Remember, hiccups are part and parcel of the process. Have a 10-20% contingency fund and some patience.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Poor Planning: An obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many rush in without a game plan.

  • Wrong Contractor: A sub-par contractor will turn your dream remodel into a nightmare.

  • Overspending: Keep that budget in check. No need to splurge on every little thing.

For more insights on what not to do, see our kitchen remodel mistakes post.

Is It Worth It?

Thinking of the remodel’s impact on property value? You’re on the right track! A remodel isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment. For more on this, read are bathroom remodels worth it?

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Remodeling your home is a game-changer, but it comes with its set of challenges. Proper planning, from budget to design, is your blueprint for success. Ready to get started? Contact us today for your high-end remodeling needs.